Felixtowe fun

Thursday is our day off and we have made a decision : to get out more and try new things, explore, have fun and forget about work  totally in these wonderful days. We decided to make the most of it, sunny or not and visit a little beach that is a short train trip away

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Little Monster’s outfit of the day: Little black dress

It’s Friday, and Friday means that outfit wise April is the Boss, she gets to choose and combine as she pleases. I must say I’am very much impressed that she is capable of putting an outfit together better than her mama, but to be fair I’ve never been very good with following trends ,I have

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Review: Ra Ra’s

It’s Thursday , and as as usual “Family date day” and of course, we wanted to go to one of our favourite places in Ipswich : RaRa’s! RaRa’s is a 50’s inspired ,family run, retro ice cream parlour , it’s everything you would expect it to be, with gorgeous furniture and decor (jukebox included!) delicious

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My birth experience

4 years ago I was 25 when I found I was pregnant and it wasn’t our plan at all but after the initial massive shock we were delighted and as the pregnancy progressed I became a new person, a better person I’d like to think. I had a couple of scares before the actual due

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    A little rebel to brighten any day.                 This is a rare occasion in which the whole outfit is by H&M , but if you know me, you know how much I ADORE H&M’s children’s clothes ! We bough the biker jacket for her birthday but

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Adventure time

While I “rested” and took it easy in Madrid , April and Daddy made a great discovery! they actually had an adventure (or quite a few ) without me..keep on reading and discover what it was about. Turns out they found a marvellous specimen of Stag Bettle in an empty plant pot in our garden! He has

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Open letter to all friends who are child free

I have been a mum for over four years now, well really I usually say five because I was a mum before she was born into this world , anyway! recently I realised 99% of my friends are not parents and do not plan to have kids in the near future , some have just got

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Breast Implant Removal Journey – Part 2

Hi everyone! So yesterday 1st June 2015 I had my surgery, I went into theatre at 9 am and despite being told it was estimated to last an hour and a half it ended up lasting almost 4 hours! Once the anaesthetic was given to me I tried to talk to the surgeon about how

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Breast Implant removal journey- Blog diary

Hi everyone! I thought this would be the easiest way to track my experience and hopefully help others who might be considering the same decision or simply being clever and prudent and doing some well needed research before making a conscious choice that will be life changing. Here it goes!   Almost 8 years ago

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