Veggie fix

As always I like to keep it simple , I had the asparagus lightly steamed and then a couple minutes in the frying pan with the rest of ingredients. Ready!   Asparagus: its just packed with health benefits: It’s loaded with nutrients: Asparagus is a very good source of fiber, folate, vitamins A, C, E

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Sh*t Happens

Ive been holding on from posting anything for weeks I hoping things could be worked out somehow,however its now official. Daddy and I have ended our almost 7 year long love story but will of course continue a joint venture in the upbringing of our child and our business. While the two of us have come to

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2015-09-07 08xx

Im a school Mummy now!

Wow! I knew the day was coming but it still has caught me by surprise! my little princess is now a big girl and today was the first day of School! . She woke up early and ran to our bedroom with excitement, “Mama its school day today!let’s have some breakfast!” and after that we

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Hugging CatsdX

May I scream now please?

Sometimes you think you are doing fine, like know, going through a separation apparently holding my sh*t together very nicely until something you counted on , or looked forward to falls, or like in this case many things do , and all of a sudden I feel in this spiral of self pity and frustration

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  Asparagus-Apple-Lime Juice … refreshing ,delicious and diuretic.

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2015-08-14 11dd


Finally it happened, our little girl got chickenpox; I first noticed while picking her up from nursery one evening ,she had a small red spot in the back of her ear, I asked nursery staff and they hadn’t noticed before. However the next morning  that red spot had many friends ! she was absolutely covered,

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Happy GraduLations Day

So today was April’s graduation day at nursery, or Gradulations day as she has been calling it since Wednesday lol (I find it very cute people!). We were late! so I guess we are not getting the Parents of the year award, but Daddy had to walk with a stick and we arrived on time

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Welcome to Tantrum city

“Meltdowns are terrible, nasty things, but they’re a fact of childhood,” said Levy, PhD, a Dallas-based clinical psychologist and co-author of Try and Make Me! Simple Strategies That Turn Off the Tantrums and Create Cooperation. Not very often but occasionally April has a meltdown, and they can escalate into terrible full blow outburst that are not

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Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 08.12.26

Child led fashion – Who needs socks?

Hi my lovelies! here is another outfit put together by the master mind of my four year old ! lol , actually despite deciding not to wear socks for the photos I think she did very well! What do you think?   And her posing skills crack me up, every time       This

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