Happy natural boobversary to MOI!


Whaaaaaat???   I can’t believe it has been a year already!!!

One year implant free, one year on the road to healing .. and I know if you have any questions here it has to be:

Do you regret it?’ the answer is a straight forward :NOT ONE SINGLE SECOND LADIES.

Im very nervous about sharing any photographic evidence but I feel its only fair to the people who have followed my journey and shared your own experiences ..any negative comments will to be approved for obvious reasons , I do not have space in my life nor in my blog for negative energy or people, so here it comes!!




collage jjj


Anyway I thought it would be fun if you had any questions regarding the subject, instead of me brainstorming what you would like to know and writing an endless post that may or may not be useful , and I will do a youtube video answering to it all …yikes!

Be warned … Im very blunt, and say things as I feel them in the moment and have very little or no filter so watch at your own discretion .

So….bring it on!



Until then…love,light and cherry kisses!



Bohemian Mummy ,xoxo


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  • Sherri Tyrrell

    Absolutely brilliant and if I may say they still look fab. I have no questions but would just like to say, I would love to have the confidence you do. Much love Bohemian Mummy. Xx

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