my apologies

My apologies

Hello my lovelies!


It’s been a while but life has got in the way big time for me to be able to do one of the things I enjoy the most, writing this blog! And I vow to any of my followers and specially to myself to make time and get back to it.

When I think about it , considering my current situation..doing this is one of my biggest relaxation and most enjoyable stress relief methods so no excuses from now on!!

What has been going on? Too much, massive changes in my personal life, new work situation unfortunately which Im trying to avoid panicking about and will do my best to make the most off even if it leaves us in a ┬ávery vulnerable unfair place… also a ┬álot has been going on in my personal life! I found love ..who knew? and he is a huge support during this hard times despite us having a long distance relationship at the moment (forever grateful) , health complications that Im on it, heartache, disappointment, finding peoples true colour, learning from it all..

I started to study again! Im currently juggling work,mummy hood, acing my Nutritional therapies course, preparing my theory for driving test and many other bits and bobs but hey! us women can be super productive and strong and that is exactly what I aim to become, I will not lie! its a struggle, it can be and is extremely overwhelming, I have low days in which I feel I can’t cope…Im human, but I fall and raise all over again and again..that is life don’t you think?

Anyway, I’m keeping this short! Once I have the little one tucked up in her cosy bed tonight I will upload a few posts Ive been saving for months! yeah that is right..even when I don’t blog I still think of it constantly and my phone is about to burst with photos so brace yourselves.

Until we read each other again…much LOVE, LIGHT AND CHERRY KISSES!

2016-04-23 14.22.49

Bohemian Mummy ,xoxo


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