boobie plants

Boobie Plants

And she keeps them coming! lol

April and I were talking about my surgery of breast implant removal as she has always been very inquisitive (which I love) and is interested in why by body has changed and how I feel about those changes. While happily discussing the subject she asked :

-Mama..are there boobie cushions ? (she always held to my breast for comfort since the second she was born), I replied i wasn’t sure 9there probably is) but when I said id get her one to replace mine I was only joking. Then she remembered that once we went to a friends house and she came across a boob implant that she kept and she was playing throw and catch with …don’t ask haha


She asked if that was a cushion and when I replied it was in fact a “breast implant” her little eyes lighted up and i could tell she had come across a great idea!

-MUMMY!!! That is good! I didn’t know there were ‘Boobie plants’ ! we should just water yours then and you can have them back !


Oh my days child! bahahahahaha April…I freaking love you.

Love, light and cherry kisses

Bohemian Mummy xoxo









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