Happy 5th birthday baby girl!

Hello you all!

My baby turns 5 today! CRAZY!!! Where has the time gone? I look at this incredible small human and I feel like my heart could burst with pride and joy.

We have had our share of tough times with April being such a poorly baby, all her health issues , me learning how to be a mama, letting go of everyones advice and focusing on what feels right for US.


Last night when I was lying in bed with her , snuggling until she falls asleep as I always do , she said to me “Mama you know you are the best mummy in the whole wide world..right?daddy is also good, but mama you are the absolute besets ever” and I had a particularly rough couple of days and that comment alone made me beam, I was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt and was about to do an emotion haha big girls don’t cry does not apply to me at all.

Taken that Daddy could’t be here for her special day as he is travelling and working at an international tattoo convention he had the most amazing idea, they baked a cake together and we all shared it last night , the smile in her face….priceless!

Aprils 5th birthday

We aren’t big spenders so birthday is girly mama – April time, one outfit and one game or toy , lunch out , cinema..quality time .

This year as she is way more aware of everything I wanted to get her involved and et her choose what she would like within the budget I was prepared to spend .

I was very pleased with her choices! specially the Star wars dress…all the epicness hahaha

2016-02-05 08.00.09

Nana and Apu got her some awesome Adventure Time duet covers and she loves them…though I may steal them XD

2016-02-05 16.42.31

Next week we will take her and her closest friends to a big  soft play so they can run wild ! whoever knows my child, knows she is an energetic little thing and being allowed to get as crazy as she wants in a safe environment is wonderful, if you get to share that with your besties, then even better!

5 years! the best and most intense years of my life, I am blessed and privileged to have a daughter so magical and special, who makes me a better person daily, being able to see her personality develop is the best gift,I have no doubt we will have roller coaster ride ahead of us but I believe we will be as close as we are now no matter what.

Thank you baby, for every second since you came to my life and brought all the light to my dark broken heart .

Saying I love you … just doesn’t cover it at all. You are my world




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