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When pain balances pain

2015-12-11 12.02.19You know when life gets very overwhelming and despite your better efforts you see you can’t cope and start to feel like you are drowning? I hope you don’t know what I’m talking about because is isn’t a pretty scene.. we all manage our pain, stress..in different ways don’t we?

Last week (I know I have a lot of catching up to do and have actually gathered content and I promise to not leave it this long again) ¬†I felt I was at rock bottom, I had been playing it cool for way to long, brushing my feelings and needs under the rug, desperately hoping they would just dissipate and Id get silence inside my head, but things have a funny way of catching up with us, you can’t escape , there are lessons to be learned and until you let it flow and go through it you will keep reliving that same lessons. I woke up, painted a smile on my face and headed out, excited and energised (as much as you can be on 5 hours sleep and just one coffee XD) and one absurd conversation flipped the switch and had me in an uncontrolled , emotion riddled state Im not very proud of.

April sadly even witnessed me having a panic attack later on that night and I felt incredibly guilty for this , though she couldn’t have been more wonderful¬†, staying calm and sweet and gently caressing my back and saying you are ok mummy I’m here <3<3<3 , I got it together but decided I needed some sort of relief, therapy if you must..and I did.

I always forget to mention how amazing working at Carpe Somnium Art is, and how much I love being surrounded by talented artists who inspire me and feed my soul.

I texted Mr Jack Midz near midnight and begged for him to tattoo me the next day and he was sweet enough to agree , thank goodness , because it was a very pleasant experience and my mind absolutely was nowhere near my preoccupations for those 4 hours that seemed to fly by.

And I took the liberty of taking some photos to share with you tehehe …. A special thank you to Sherri for holding my hand and making me smile and a huge massive thank you to the man himself , Im so proud of him and cannot recommend his services enough, so gentle and patient and bloody good ! love you both x

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Love, light and cherry kisses

Bohemian Mummy xoxo


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