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I’m so excited to be able to review these incredible products! From a small yet dedicated and passionate Northumberland based family owned company serving their community world wide.

I received by super speedy next day delivery 3 creams of their range that applied to what my little family of two could benefit from and I was in awe.

I got sent the Face Cream moisturiser, the Baby and Infant Cream and the Hand cream all three of them beautifully wrapped in the easy to use tubes, their lid keeps the product from drying and they are easy and clean thanks to the pump dispensers..

I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and have been testing the ‘Dermasalve Face cream’ for almost two weeks, and my skin feels magnificent! so rich and moisturised! it feels fantastic and soft to the touch; one of my favourite perks is that it absorbs into the skin easily and is non greasy .

The best thing about DermaSalve is that they use natural products  like palm oils, grape seed extract , wheatgerm and aloe vera fortified with antioxidants and vitamins A and E that help to improve the condition of your skin ,providing long lasting moisturising, who wouldn’t want to have skin that looks and feels beautiful ?

With no alcohol , fragrances ,parabens, lanolin or liquid paraffin ,DermaSalve is the first ever moisturising cream range that is free of all known irritants! and this, for me is a wonderful plus!.

Another positive point for me , of course is that the do NOT TEST ON ANIMALS, it’s refreshing and lovely to come across conscious companies these days.


April has extremely sensitive skin, which is very dry and is prone to eczema; well, using their ‘Baby and Infant Cream’ her skin feels and looks wonderful and with the cream being so lightweight and easy to absorb not only it has high coverage with very little amount but also it is absorbed ultra fast and I’m able to dress her up straight afterwards, whether with other products that we have previously used she has either had sensitivity to some of the ingredients or they were thick and greasy and stained her clothes unless we waited for quite a while before dressing up..having a young cline covered in slippery cream running naked around the house getting cream on everything she touched is something I do not miss.

Last but not least is their ‘DermaSalve Hand cream’ , until now I have always worried about my hands, I work in an environment in which I have to wash hands constantly to keep my workstation, studio and of course myself clean at all times to avoid cross contamination , this means that constant washing causes havoc to my hands and often hey look worn , very dry and I was ashamed of them. Using DermaSalve Hand cream I was a little sceptic as I was used to have to moisturise and then pat dry before putting on gloves to get back to work and this was quite unpleasant (gloves stick to you and its quite tricky to get them on this way) , as Ive mentioned before Dermasalve is absorbed so quickly that it doesn’t leave residue in your skin and this was no longer a problem! win win!

my hand

So far, so good, I will continue to use these products as we have had very good results :)

If you are interested in finding more about this revolutionary brand and the rest of the creams available, please visit their website


If you, like me and most of us i guess spend some time in social media, give them a visit and check them out!




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