Copdock Motorbike Show- Ipswich 2015

collagemotoAhhh the feeling of getting into your cosy new bed, all alone, with swollen feet and swollen hands…aching all over and then realising you could potentially go to sleep! but you can’t isn’t it wonderful? oh no, thats only me yeah? stupid fibro!

But not even the F in my life can  ruin today! I stepped out of my comfort zone and took my wild child to the Copdock motorcycle show and it was a great mini aventure, from getting ready together without having to be ready by certain time,getting the bus to somewhere new, to being surrounded by strangers yet feeling so at home .


I had surprisingly enough managed to forget how much I love bikers, the comrade , the respect, the banter, the easy going energy flow, the passion..It has been a while since I have been at a motorcycle event, and for sure the first time ever since becoming a mummy; being able to share the experience with April has not only been fantastic and fun, but incredibly bonding.



How many times have you gone down the slide? TWO!!!

We had long chats including ” I like the smell of hamburgers but not real hamburgers because they are dead” and Mummy why aren’t you a teacher?, went on the rides, danced together, saw the daredevils how which was fantabulous! I can’t believe that April was so brave, so fearless, she would have fitted right in! She even considered for a short period of time an upcoming career as a rider for the show noting that she is a big girl and would love to ride without hands ! So the little fan girl snap was a must!

Honestly the guys ,and girl who did the performance were just fantastic, I was tingly and nervous with excitement and a little scared I think , very talented indeed.




We had a run around and went on all the rides, I took photos of some of the most gorgeous motorbikes and enjoyed the atmosphere.

When it was time to get back home April begged one last ride, so we went together and BOY! wasn’t it fun! we both laughed and screamed (I started to feel slightly nauseated but put on a brave face and sang to the tunes) and held on to each other tight, she kept telling me it was going to be fine and how brave we were , bless her little heart she was soooo incredibly happy!


And after a wonderful long day, we left, out feet tired, our bodies tired, but with the biggest smiles and a happy heart.

“You are my most favourite persone ver mummy” is probably the sweetest thing I could have heard today.

Bed is singing lullabies for me now..I must leave, sweet dreams my lovelies


Love, light and cherry kisses

Bohemian Mummy xoxo


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