Happy 5th birthday baby girl!

Hello you all! My baby turns 5 today! CRAZY!!! Where has the time gone? I look at this incredible small human and I feel like my heart could burst with pride and joy. We have had our share of tough times with April being such a poorly baby, all her health issues , me learning

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Copdock Motorbike Show- Ipswich 2015

Ahhh the feeling of getting into your cosy new bed, all alone, with swollen feet and swollen hands…aching all over and then realising you could potentially go to sleep! but you can’t isn’t it wonderful? oh no, thats only me yeah? stupid fibro! But not even the F in my life can  ruin today! I

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2015-09-07 08xx

Im a school Mummy now!

Wow! I knew the day was coming but it still has caught me by surprise! my little princess is now a big girl and today was the first day of School! . She woke up early and ran to our bedroom with excitement, “Mama its school day today!let’s have some breakfast!” and after that we

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2015-08-14 11dd


Finally it happened, our little girl got chickenpox; I first noticed while picking her up from nursery one evening ,she had a small red spot in the back of her ear, I asked nursery staff and they hadn’t noticed before. However the next morning  that red spot had many friends ! she was absolutely covered,

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Felixtowe fun

Thursday is our day off and we have made a decision : to get out more and try new things, explore, have fun and forget about work  totally in these wonderful days. We decided to make the most of it, sunny or not and visit a little beach that is a short train trip away

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Adventure time

While I “rested” and took it easy in Madrid , April and Daddy made a great discovery! they actually had an adventure (or quite a few ) without me..keep on reading and discover what it was about. Turns out they found a marvellous specimen of Stag Bettle in an empty plant pot in our garden! He has

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