Happy natural boobversary to MOI!

Whaaaaaat???   I can’t believe it has been a year already!!! One year implant free, one year on the road to healing .. and I know if you have any questions here it has to be: ‘Do you regret it?’ the answer is a straight forward :NOT ONE SINGLE SECOND LADIES. Im very nervous about

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my apologies

My apologies

Hello my lovelies!   It’s been a while but life has got in the way big time for me to be able to do one of the things I enjoy the most, writing this blog! And I vow to any of my followers and specially to myself to make time and get back to it.

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boobie plants

Boobie Plants

And she keeps them coming! lol April and I were talking about my surgery of breast implant removal as she has always been very inquisitive (which I love) and is interested in why by body has changed and how I feel about those changes. While happily discussing the subject she asked : -Mama..are there boobie

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sea hoe

Sea hoes be wildin

So another little gem from my child, makes me happy when i remember to actually post about them and keep a record , too soon she is growing up , still for the time being laughing fits guaranteed .     Mama what is this called? (Me) a seahorse darling (A) ohhhh a sea hoe?

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Happy 5th birthday baby girl!

Hello you all! My baby turns 5 today! CRAZY!!! Where has the time gone? I look at this incredible small human and I feel like my heart could burst with pride and joy. We have had our share of tough times with April being such a poorly baby, all her health issues , me learning

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2015-12-11 14.13.50

When pain balances pain

You know when life gets very overwhelming and despite your better efforts you see you can’t cope and start to feel like you are drowning? I hope you don’t know what I’m talking about because is isn’t a pretty scene.. we all manage our pain, stress..in different ways don’t we? Last week (I know I

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dermasalve review

Meet DERMASALVE! I’m so excited to be able to review these incredible products! From a small yet dedicated and passionate Northumberland based family owned company serving their community world wide. I received by super speedy next day delivery 3 creams of their range that applied to what my little family of two could benefit from and I was

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This week while I visited my beloved Madrid ,my friend Alba de Soto who is also a rocking make up artist and blogger in  www.intentandomolar.blogspot.com.es took me to one of her favourite places for lunch! COCO BAR!! a fantastic little restaurant full of character in the heart of the city . Entirely family run, Coco Bar

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Copdock Motorbike Show- Ipswich 2015

Ahhh the feeling of getting into your cosy new bed, all alone, with swollen feet and swollen hands…aching all over and then realising you could potentially go to sleep! but you can’t isn’t it wonderful? oh no, thats only me yeah? stupid fibro! But not even the F in my life can  ruin today! I

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sadness smells like you l

Sadness smells a lot like you

W.T.F. Had the strangest dream last night, I was kind of the outsider freak in this weird  little town that had gates and security where I was made fun off and looked down to and  constantly judged and put on the spot..nothing of this made me bat an eyelid because I was a girl on a mission

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